Inspections can be provided for K-12 schools, higher education, sports facilities ranging from race tracks, basketball training facilities and many more. Comprehensive data is gathered in addition to photos and video (as required) showing current status of connections and the functionality of movable parts. The detailed inspection, following the prescriptive codes, includes:

  • The soundness of the understructure.
  • Checking all decking for excessive wear, damage and ensuring fasteners are secure.
  • Checking the rails for compliance to codes and for wear and tear.
  • Steps are still accessible and in good condition.
  • Seats are secure and do not exhibit disproportionate use.
  • Motors and electrical components function safely.
  • Foundations.

Once this data has been complied we will issue the inspection report, stamped by a professional engineer, to ensure that your bleachers and grandstands are safe and compliant with the current standards. The report will highlight areas that need to be addressed by your maintenance director or repair contractor.

This inspection, as stated in the ICC and NFPA Standards, states, “The owner shall cause all bleachers, folding and telescopic seating, and grandstands to be inspected at least once a year in order to verify that the structure is maintained in compliance with the provisions of this standard.