Site Observation


This past week I completed the site observation of the Pacific Raceways grandstands. In particularly the oldest grandstand at the track which has required several modifications to keep it operational. Some of the vertical post had experienced some freeze thaw issues and had split. The onsite fabricator reinforced the section as required by the report I had submitted last May. The Fire Marshal wanted the work to be observed by a licensed engineer to ensure that the work was in compliance to the report and Pacific Raceways had asked me to come and observed the work performed.

If they had chosen to ignore many of these issues, serious injuries could have resulted. Pacific Raceways chooses not to ignore and want those that attend their events to be safe. Kudos!

I look forward to next years visit and may head up in mid-August to attend a race.

Construction Administration

If it was important to have your bleachers and grandstands inspected annually and major repairs needed to happen, would it not be important that the work done be visually inspected? This ensures that the work done will conform to current standards. If there are areas that were not fixed correctly, it is important. The public safety is important.


Disasters like this can be avoided. (Picture from a bleacher collapse in Columbus, Ohio.